Zoe Almazan

Vice President



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Troy Service



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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Paint & Resin

The paint and resins are made up of photoluminescent pigments just as the other products are.    We have utilized this product in everything from clothing to cement patterns.


There are many ways to customize the products.  Daytime colors to match your room's decore or personalized screening effects such as adding a coporate logo.  The glow effect has 3 parent attributes of aqua marine, blues and greens.  


The darker the area is, the more visual stimulation you will see as your eyes will absorb the luminescence the best without any ambient light.   LED or Black lights can be added to your design to quick charge and manipulate the glow. 


Cement painted with Safety-Green color to illuminate at night

Canvas painted with Aqua & Safety-Green color to illuminate at night

Brick painted to illuminate Blue at night

Finished Floor Pattern Drilled and Filled With Safety Yellow Resin

Glow Highway Paint