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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Glass Pebbles & Listellos

The Pebbles are made up of photoluminescent pigments pre-mounted on mesh or loose stones to make installation easy.   If you are a first timer or an experienced builder, the installation is the same.  Various types of grout will set off the illuminescence to give your desired effect.  

Our decorative Listellos made with photoluminescent glass are available in 3 different colors and can be wall or floor mounted to provide a special and magic atmosphere to bathrooms, wellness centers and much more.  Every decorative listello is mounted on mesh to facilitate and speed up installation.  Our photoluminescentlistellos are available in the flat regular tile version, irregular stone version and rounded tiles.


There are many ways to customize the products.  Daytime colors to match your room's decore or personalized screening effects such as adding a coporate logo.  The glow effect has 3 parent attributes of aqua marine, blues and greens.  These can be solid one color sheets (monochromatic), multiple shades to your preferance (polychromatic) or combinations of non-glowing and glowing tiles.   We have gloss finishes and matte finishes.  


The darker the area is, the more visual stimulation you will see as your eyes will absorb the luminescence the best without any ambient light.   LED or Black lights can be added to your design to quick charge and manipulate the glow. 


Day Colors
During the day the stones have a natural color that can match your project decor.
Night Glow
Once the lights go out the rocks absorb the light source and maintain a constant glow for over 8 hours
loose stones
provide a soft glow to your accented projects
River Rocks in Cement
Add Stones to your cement to create a glow path for everyone to enjoy
River Rocks Glow Colors
During the night once the sun goes down or your lights go out the stones begin to glow for over 8 hours.
illumnated pathway
At night the paths take on a whole new look
illumnated pathway
at night your paths come to life
trim your pool
add a decorative touch to your landscaping and pool areas
yard accents
bring light to your landscaping
accenting any pathway and landscape features allows for multiple design features
Paths at Night
your design projects come alive once the sun goes down
accenting any pathway and landscape features allows for multiple design features
Garden at Night
your design projects come alive once the sun goes down
Listello Strips
Multiple Glow options and configurations
Listello Strips
Three Glow options... Blue, Yellow/Green, and Aqua
Listello Strips On Stairs
add strips to your stairs to provide a nice accent as well as safety where no light is available
Listello Strips on ledges
make any ledge visible at night
mix stones and colors
we can design any combination of colors and stones to fit your project
Listello Strips Multi Glow
combining tiles and stones together create amazing night features
Listello Strips Multi Glow Colors
bathroom backsplashes and kitchen designs look amazing at night with a little glow
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